NEWS 2020
July 2020
Preparations for the product release of XenoGuard®.
April 2020
Foundation of the subsidiary company MycroTools® GmbH.
NEWS 2019
Development of the new software XenoGuard®.
NEWS 2018
June 2018
MycroTools® releases eVI 1.0 - Ethernet viewer and Electronic-Ignition simulation.
May 2018
MycroTools® releases MyGuine® 3.0 and supports Automotive-Ethernet.
NEWS 2017
December 2017
MycroTools® releases MyGuine® 3.0 (Editor).
April 2017
MycroTools® introduces MyGuine® Lite for the area of semi-automatic testing.
March 2017
MycroTools® renews its web appearance.
February 2017
MycroTools® releases MyGuine® 2.5 and TestGuard® 5.0 (64bit).
NEWS 2016
August 2016
Moving from Böblingen to Stuttgard (STEP - Curiestraße 2).
July 2016
Release of MycroTools® MyGuine® for the Telematic-Generation NTG 6 of the Daimler AG.
May 2016
Resizing the office in Kulmbach.
April 2016
Begin of the development of MycroTools® TestGuard® 5.0 (64bit).
February 2016
The company RBI GmbH uses MycroTools® MyGuine® for testing of its variant coding of the Telematic-Generation NTG 5.5 (Daimler AG).
NEWS 2015
November 2015
The MBtech Group GmbH uses MycroTools® MyGuine® for Radio- and TV-Tuner testing in the Telematic Generation NTG 5.5 (Daimler AG).
August 2015
Planning of MycroTools® MyGuine® 3.0 and MycroTools® TestGuard® 5.0.
April 2015
MycroTools® MyView 2.0 allows the recording of frame grabber pictures.
February 2015
Release of the version MycroTools® MyGuine® 2.0 for our customers.
NEWS 2014
August 2014
The Hanser Automotive magazine posts the article “Rapid Test Scripting in the Test-Automation” published by MycroTools®, see release July/August 2014.
June 2014
Release of MycroTools® MyGuine® 1.5.
February 2014
Development start of MycroTools® MyGuine® 2.0.
NEWS 2013
October 2013
First planning steps for MycroTools® MyGuine® 2.0.
January 2013
MycroTools® wins Mitsubishi Electronic as a new customer.
NEWS 2012
December 2012
MycroTools® extends its software McroTools® MyGuine® for the Daimler AG by integrating the D-PDU-API of Softing for Diagnosistic purposes.
May 2012
MycroTools® renews its web appearance.
April 2012
MycroTools® welcomes Mr. Kortschack as new employee in Kulmbach.
January 2012
MycroTools® opens a new office in Böblingen.
NEWS 2011
October 2011
Visiting the trade fair eCarTec in Munich from 18-20 October 2011 as exhibitor.
April 2011
MycroTools® welcomes Mr. Wiltfang as new employee in Kulmbach.
February 2011
Hirschmann Car Communication, the global leader of TV-Hybrid-Tuner, uses MycroTools® TestGuard® 3.0 for its TV-Tuner testing.
NEWS 2010
January-December 2010
Continuous development of MycroTools® MyGuine® 1.0.
June 2010
MycroTools® presents its products on the Testing Expo 2010 in Stuttgart.
January 2010
MycroTools® welcomes two new employees.
NEWS 2009
October 2009
MycroTools® starts its development of MycroTools® MyGuine.
September 2009
MycroTools® cooperates with the company Areus Engineering GmbH (Herrenberg). The number of employees rises to three.
August 2009
The Daimler AG (Mercedes Benz Car Development Sindelfingen) uses the software solution MycroTools® TestGuard® 2.0 for testing of Telematic-Devices for upper class automobiles in the area of system integration.
January 2009
MycroTools® hires two further employees.
NEWS 2008
August 2008
MycroTools® takes-over the business of the Engineering Office Drahn in Kulmbach.
July 2008
Founding of MycroTools® Automotive GmbH with main seat in Kulmbach.

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