MycroTools® Imaging System

Especially for HMI-Tests of Head-Units and Combi-Instruments a powerful Imaging-System was developed by MycroTools® that got integrated in the flexible MycroTools® MyGuine® testing framework. This system extends the software by an Optical Character Recognition (OCR) for a variety of fonts and languages, an advanced symbol recognition (e.g. warning signs, pictogram etc.) as well as an image database for managing all system-taught symbols, which are structured by design and country language. The usage of the imaging system is simple and straightforward.

Imaging-System TestSteps:

The Imaging-System integrates new TestSteps into the TestCenter of MycroTools® MyGuine®. They are simple to use and require no special knowledge or programming experience. It is also intuitive and efficient to operate:

  • Select Settings: Chooses the country language and the design.
  • Save Image: Saves the current image of the image source to the internal memory. The analysis can be triggered at a later date. Multiple pictures can be kept in memory.
  • Get Strings: Uses the OCR to read all words of a Region and saves them in the ResultList of the TestStep.
  • Wait For Strings: Waits for one or several words to appear in the image. A timeout can be set to limit the maximum time to wait without any string appearing. The TestStep provides an option to wait for the Text to disappear again (waiting for disappearance).
  • Wait For Symbol: Waits for one or several symbols as well as the fading of symbols.

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